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If you're looking for a driving school in Manchester that will help guide your future behind the wheel, The Pass Team is here to offer what it takes. We have highly experienced instructors who can teach any student how they need assistance with their skills and knowledge of safety procedures while providing them an enjoyable experience along this journey.

We all know that driving can be a stressful experience, but The Pass Team has built their school to provide an enjoyable one. With highly experienced instructors and courses run by people who care about your safety - you'll have no problem getting behind the wheel!

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Our innovative approaches to learning how to drive make the experience fun and informative. Comprehensive courses cover all important aspects of safe driving, with each lesson focusing on key topics like speed limits or traffic signs; students receive personalized attention from instructors who want them ready for success after finishing their coursework! One thing's certain: if you're looking forward to getting your license anytime soon then look no further than The Pass Team because we've got what it takes.


We Are In A Mission To Help You Get Your Driver Licence

We have a variety of options that you can choose from to book your first lesson. We offer driving lessons both indoors and out; now is the time to make sure to take care of all those gaps so come see what we're capable of doing here today!

We will provide thorough training while helping students like yourself pass their tests quickly with ease--it goes without saying how much more enjoyable life would be if only they knew how easy these things really were.

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Why You'll Love To Learn With The Pass team

Fully trained and experienced instructors.
Our driving students need on average 40 hours
Get better driving record
You can learn about defensive driving firsthand
Master the practices of safe driving